Fostering is the backbone of many rescue organizations and the Alabama SPCA is no different.  We rely heavily on fosters to help rehabilitate our animals both physically and mentally.  Without fosters we would not be able to do much of what we do.  We also offer a Foster-to-Adopt program that allows potential adopters to foster their animal of interest to see if that animal fits into their lifestyle or home environment.

What Fosters Do

It's very basic.  Fosters provide the animal (in most cases a dog or cat) a loving home environment to help the animal to open up and flourish.  Fostering an animal is synonymous to caring for a temporary pet.  You give them all the love and care they need to help them to developed into an animal that will fit perfectly with the right person or family.  Often it is a bittersweet process as many will become attached to the animal- but it always is levied by the fact that the animal will move onto a great and loving home.

The Alabama SPCA will Provide Necessities to Care

Fosters will not be expected to contribute anything beyond the home environment.  The Alabama SPCA will provide fosters with food, crates, blankets, pet meds, and any other material that might be needed for the animal's care.  The Alabama SPCA will also handle all vetting the animal receives.  Fosters will not be expected to contribute monetarily unless they so wish.

However, fosters may be asked to attempt to bring their foster animal to Alabama SPCA events to help publicize the availability of the animal.

Foster to Adopt

Foster to Adopt is a process whereby an individual who is interested in adopting but is uncertain whether an animal will fit their home environment or lifestyle can have a "trial run" with that animal.  This is beneficial in that it offers the animal a home environment and it offers the potential adopter the opportunity to gauge whether or not the animal fits the home environment or lifestyle.

How to Foster

If you are interested in fostering an animal, fill out our online application, or download an application. Please contact us with any questions!