Volunteers also play a crucial role in our organization.  Many of our events and programs would be impossible without the help of volunteers.  From helping us transport animals to be spayed and neutered to helping us setup tables during an event;  there are a wide variety of opportunities for people to volunteer with the Alabama SPCA.

Event Volunteering

We often need help at events with things such as setting up tables or watching the animals.  The more volunteers we have at events the more animals we are able to bring.  If you're interested in volunteering at an event just  keep an eye on the event page.  We will note in event item pages if we still need volunteers for that event and a contact email will be provided.

Transport Volunteering

We always need transport Volunteers.  This is a very important aspect of the Alabama SPCA.  We try our best to transport animals to our spay/neuter clinic- the more transporters we have the more animals we can bring in to be spayed and neutered.  Also, since we often pull from rural shelters and pounds we often need people to transport those animals to our vet.

Another thing we do is collaborate with many breed specific rescue groups which may not be located locally.  By collaborating with these groups it allows us to pull more animals from shelters.  We often need people to help transport these animals to those rescues, sometimes out of state.

We will reimburse individuals for travel expenses in transporting our animals.

Miscellaneous Volunteering Opportunities

There are so many ways in which one can Volunteer and impact the organization in a positive manner.  If you have a skill or ability that you think will benefit us please contact us and tell us about it.  We may have a need for your skill or ability (and may not even know it!)

How to Volunteer

Complete our volunteer application on ways you can help!!!